Is Humble Bundle Legit And Safe? What Is HB And How To Use It?

humble bundle legit

In this article, we will try to answer the question “Is Humble Bundle legit?”. If there is one thing gamers love, it’s a bargain. Well, The Humble Bundle is the epitome of value in gaming. In short, the Humble Bundle is a series of games that have been packaged together and are available at different … Read more

The Best Retro Games on Steam in 2021


Within the gaming industry, there has always been an emphasis on producing bigger and better games. Games with photo-realistic graphics, incredible storylines, and huge open worlds. However, despite this, there are great game developers that strip it back to basics and offer retro-style games with champion arcade-style gameplay and pixelated graphics. It’s part of why … Read more

DOTA The International 10: All You Need to Know

The International 10 Aegis

In this new, strange, pandemic-ridden world, it goes without saying that gaming competitions have been affected immensely. While some contests and events have been able to continue on virtual platforms, many have been halted and postponed for some time, with fans unable to enjoy high stakes gaming and the interactivity that live events offer. However, … Read more