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I am currently working as a Gaming journalist. I have published a number of successful articles that have amassed upwards of 250,000 views collectively. I have also been able to carry out a number of interviews with various big industry names, work on maintaining databases, wrote scripts, carried out voiceovers and have been blessed with being able to work and produce content for some of the biggest creators on various platforms.
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I am a professional copywriter and editor for big iGaming companies. Board games are a big passion of mine! I love playing board games with friends, testing and reviewing new ones.
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Hello, my name is Lora Zaharieva. I love video games and I spend a big chunk of my time in front of my pc. I have studied English language for the past 10 years. There is nothing better than combining the pleasant with the useful, and for this reason I decided to start writing articles in English related to the gaming industry. I am an ambitious person and when I like something, I want to improve as much as possible. If you like what I do, I will be happy if you contact me! - Loraa_zaharievaa_2405 @ abv.bg
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